Twelfth Annual Duke Postdoctoberfest

The Office of Postdoctoral Services and the Duke University Postdoctoral Association (DUPA) held the 12th Annual Postdoctoberfest Celebration on Friday, October 6, 2017, to honor the university’s hard-working postdocs and their mentors. Postdocs, their families, faculty, and staff enjoyed hot and veggie dogs with all the fixings, local Foothills Brewery beers, and the music of the Huzzah Band. The giant bouncy race car was a hit with all the kids in attendance, as were the four flavors of Maple View Farms ice cream. Postdocs received an official Duke Postdoc t-shirt and enjoyed the warm fall weather. We gave ourselves a big round of applause in honor of our twelfth anniversary!

Each year, the highlight of Postdoctoberfest is the presentation of awards to the Outstanding Postdoc and Outstanding Postdoc Mentor at Duke.

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Postdoc Practice Job Talk

Please see the information below regarding an upcoming practice job talk. Attendance and feedback at the talk would be greatly appreciated. We hope to see you there.

WHAT: Postdoc Practice Job Talk: Tatyana Sysoeva, in the group of Lingchong You, Department of Biomedical Engineering

WHEN: Tues Jan 31, 9-10 am (Tomorrow)
WHERE: Rm 103 Bryan Research Bldg

The Duke University Postdoc Association (DUPA) and the Office of Postdoctoral Services provide postdocs the opportunity to practice their job talks and get valuable feedback from a diverse and intelligent audience – this means YOU!

On Jan 31 at 9 am in room 103 Bryan Research Bldg, Tatyana Sysoevafrom the group of Lingchong You, Department of Biomedical Engineering, will present her talk on “Bacterial trade: export and import of macromolecular goods” (abstract below). We encourage postdocs to attend and support Tatyana by providing feedback! You don’t have to be in the same field of study; presenters receive valuable info from audience members about clarity, communication style, and other ‘big picture’ issues.

Abstract: Bacterial trade: export and import of macromolecular goods


Bacteria developed numerous ways to adapt to changes in their environment. Transport of macromolecules across bacterial cell envelop is one of the ways bacteria survive and thrive by gaining access to nutrients, releasing by-products, exchanging genes, or secreting toxins. I will present two studies focused on analyses of the mechanism of protein export and DNA import in a model bacterium Bacillus subtilis. Using a combination of functional, biochemical, and structural methods, I established molecular details of the novel secretory pathway of ESX protein secretion and zinc-involvement in the development of natural competence state in this model microorganism. These new details, revealed by working with B. subtilis, shed light on the mechanism of virulence factor secretion in human pathogens Staphylococcus aureus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis as well as open a new avenue in studies of spreading of antibiotic resistance genes.

Questions? Email Xiaojun Li (Grace), DUPA Professional Development Chair, at

Fall Career Development Panel: Moving beyond #Distractinglysexy

During the summer, comments by Nobel laureate Tim Hunt sparked outrage among scientists all around the world. His comments, speaking about the impact of women in the workplace, were instantly met with a Twitter hashtag, #distractinglysexy, which cataloged pictures of female scientists working in their element.

Our panel event will honestly discuss gender issues within the workplace and strives to provide productive advice for constructive dialogue and action. (Increasing Dialogue article)

Tuesday, October 20th from 6 to 7pm: Duke, Hudson Hall Room 125. Pizza provided.

Please register here. There is also an opportunity to insert a question to our panel via the registration page. Parking Directions here.

Panelists include:

Dr. Donna Bickford: Associate Director of the Office of Undergrad Research at UNC

Dr. Katherine Bruce: Assistant Professor at Salem College

Dr. Martha Reiskind: Research Assistant Professor at NC State

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