Duke postdocs are engaged in various outreach activities to communicate their research outside academia!

If you hear of other activities or want to let everyone know about an outreach event you were engaged in, please send us an email and we will make sure to highlight it.

Outreach chairs:

Danielle Mello (danielle.mello@duke.edu)                                                  Lina Castano-Duque (lina.castano.duque@duke.edu)



Science Day at the North Carolina School of Science and Math (NCSSM)

NCSSM is a public boarding school for North Carolina’s best and brightest Junior and Senior high school students. During Science Day, selected postdocs are able to share their research and engage these bright students by giving a 10 min presentation followed by 5 min of Q&A.

For this event DUPA Outreach provide two training sessions:

The first session is an optional introductory training session for postdocs that: (i) are presenting for the first time to a non-academic audience; (ii) find challenging to explain their research to people outside of their field, (iii) or feel the need to brush-up on science communication skills. At this session we usually work on crafting the main message of their research using everyday language, and strategies for conveying complex material.

The second session is a practice session and attendance is mandatory. Postdocs will present their slides and talk and get feedback from DUPA Outreach members and other postdocs.

Take a glance at past events:

Science Day at NCSSM 2017 (coming up soon!) – Organized by Amber Beckley and Danielle Mello

Science Day at NCSSM 2016 (coming up soon!) – Organized by Amber Beckley, Nasrin Habibi Babadi and Nishad Jayasundara



Postdocumentaries is a video project which started in 2015 by Andres Aragoneses where middle-schoolers interview Postdocs about their research. The kids edit the videos and we put them up on our Postdocumentaries YouTube Channel. This event is done in partnership with BOOST (Building Opportunities and Overtures in Science and Technology), which is a Duke multidimensional program designed to excite young people (6, 7 and 8th graders) – particularly underrepresented minorities, girls, and kids from economically challenged backgrounds – about science and inspire them to pursue related careers.

For this event we also provide a training session given by Jory P. Weintraub, Science Communication Director of the Duke Initiative for Science & Society. In this session Postdocs learn how to convey their message to the general public, using everyday, clear and concise language; and some tips on how to behave in front of a camera during an interview.

Take a glance at past events:

Postdocumentaries 2017 (coming up soon!) – Organized by Amber Beckley and Danielle Mello

Postdocumentaries 2016 (coming up soon!) – Organized by Amber Beckley, Nasrin Habibi Babadi and Nishad Jayasundara

Postdocumentaries 2015 (coming up soon!) – Organized by Andres Aragoneses, Amber Beckley and Nishad Jayasundara

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