Office of Postdoctoral Services

We work in close collaboration with the Duke Office for Postdoctoral Services (OPS), a central resource for postdoctoral appointees on campus, and serving as a liaison between postdocs, faculty, administrators, and staff. By providing a complete menu of services, from orientation seminars to career development programs to exit surveys, the OPS promotes postdoctoral training at Duke and prepares Duke postdocs for successful careers.

Duke Postdoc Listserv

The postdoc listserv is used primarily by OPS and DUPA to send around (overviews of)  things of interest for postdocs, such as professional development events at Duke and the broader RTP area, social events and funding/career opportunities. Subscribe to the postdoc listserv by entering your e-mail address below. This list is managed by the Duke Mailing List Manager.


There is a Duke Postdoc LinkedIn Group to which you subscribe and keep in touch with fellow postdocs. The group is restricted to (former) Duke affiliated people.


A large percentage of Duke postdocs are from abroad. Although listed under student services, Duke’s I-House serves the entire international population at Duke, including postdocs. They provide an abundance of social activities, development programs and an active and helpful listserv.

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