Reagent Swap Mailing List

The reagent swap list allows Duke postdocs and other laboratory workers to exchange reagents, protocols, and scientific expertise. Post a request here if:

  • You are trying a new experiment and you need small quantities of a reagent, such as an antibody
  • You need advice on a protocol
  • You need to find someone with expertise in a specific technique
  • You are looking for a specific piece of equipment to use

Basic policy: do not post job vacancies or job wanted ads. Do not post requests that are not of a scientific nature. You must subscribe to this list before posting to it.

Anyone with a Duke email can subscribe to the reagent swap list. You can either visit the list’s home page here, or you can send a message to with SUBSCRIBE REAGENTSWAP in either the subject or body.

To post, simply send an email to The reagentswap list manager is also the DUPA website manager, whom can be contacted with the form below.

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